Adult Art classes

Beginner –intermediate

1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 10-12.30pm

£25 per session including materials where required and unlimited biscuits and hot drinks!

Upcoming dates for sessions in 2021

June 9th 

June 23rd

July 7th

July 21st

Classes are designed to offer guidance where needed and equip artists to work towards working on their own independent projects following initial structured activities. Sessions are informal and relaxed intending to offer as much or as little guidance as required by Artists.

A course of guided tasks and themed projects are offered but Artists may use these as much or little as they wish depending on skill level and confidence.

On beginning sessions, Artists will be offered step-by-step guided projects covering basic skills in a variety of media including drawing, charcoal, pastel, watercolours and acrylics.

Following these guided lessons, Artists may begin to develop a more independent practise with guidance as needed. There will be suggested ‘themes’ each week which can be used to inspire work, however many Artists choose their own subject matter developing skills in their preferred media.

Depending on individual Artist’s preferred style of working, artworks and projects may span a number of weeks or Artists may leave with a finished piece each session. In many cases artists begin work during the session with guidance and pointers and then continue at home to complete work at their own pace.

Session          Medium       Topic/suggested theme

1                      Drawing                  Still life

2                     Charcoal                  Still life

3                    Soft pastel                Still life

4                   Watercolour             Flowers

5                       Acrylic                   Peacock

6                  Artist’s choice           Architecture

7                  Artist’s choice            Portraits

8                  Artist’s choice          Organic forms

9                  Artist’s choice          Landscapes

10                Artist’s choice          Loosening up

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