Welcome to theartshed and to our weekly lockdown sessions. 

We are always disappointed not to be in the studio where we can chat, share work and ideas, try out exciting new materials and set the world to rights over biscuit break!! We are however, making the best

of our current situation and we are still creating work and remaining sociable over our weekly zoom sessions. See below for some of the amazing work that artshed children have produced during lockdown!

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Lockdown sessions on Zoom

Tuesday: 4pm 

Thursday 5pm

Saturday 10am

£7.50 per week

for access to all 3 sessions

Payable termly.  

Free lockdown art sessions when you enquire! 

Here at the artshed we understand how stressed and anxious many children (and parents) are feeling. Home schooling is hard and we need some time to relax and calm our busy minds.


And I would love you to join our creative community and our weekly sessions. 

When you enquire about classes you will receive 3 free trial sessions.

These 3 sessions break down the process of producing an artwork and applying some demonstrated skills into 3 x 20 minute sessions.

The children can follow along at their own pace and enjoy some calm and creativity. 

Get in touch and join us! 

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